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People Love Us

Can't say enough good things. Fredericos has the best trees in the county hands down. 4 years ago, my wife and I visited 7 lots including some home improvement stores and other outdoor lots. We were unable to find anything we liked until we went to Fredericos. All of their trees were beautiful, and they had a wide selection. From thick robust trees to a more natural layered look. The trees we have purchased have always lasted all December long and even a couple weeks into January. We return every year for our tree.

Ryan Wilkinson

We can't wait to get our tree this year! They always have the most beautiful, fresh cut trees.

Erin Jiles

I purchased a tree from your lot this past Saturday, December,12th, and wanted, to thank you for your amazing customer service. Money is really tight this year and I only had about 40 to spend on a tree my mom and I went to the lot but everything I found was too much for my budget so we decided to look elsewhere. On my way out, we were stopped by man in the payment booth asking us if we were able to find a tree, I replied that the trees were simply out of my budget. He asked me what my budget and directed me towards the bundled trees behind the booth that were cheaper. than the rest of the lot and told me what the tree would look like based on some others that he pointed out. I picked the one that I liked and, after I went up to pay, the employee in the booth charged me a price that was lower than the posted sign in order to keep it within my budget. Another very nice man helped us load the tree in my car and we went on our way. To say that I'm thankful is a gross understatement. My family has had a really tough time these past few months and being able to find such a beautiful Christmas tree (within our budget) has really brightened our spirits. I can't thank the man that helped us enough and the rest of the Frederico team for hiring such cheerful, helpful, friendly people. I will definitely purchase my tree from your lot next year and will direct as much as business I can your way. Thank you again!

Brianna Westergren

"We were happy to see that there were many trees in the lot. They were well priced, very fresh and in great condition. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable. We are very happy with our tree.”
Stop by and take a look for yourself!"


"prices and quality! this was the 2nd place i stopped by and I was MUCH more impressed here than the 1st place-which was actually supposed to be a professional store."


"This is our third tree from you this season. We love the quality and freshness of your trees! Thanks for always loading the trees in/on our cars. You guys are great!"


"The most beautiful Christmas tree we've ever had, and it was really reasonably priced. Will definitely come here next year. "

Matthew Pulsipher

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